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Lucky loves his Agility Formula tablets!  He is a 12-year-old Brittany. Within the last couple of years, he started limping on his front right ankle. It took a couple of weeks to see a difference, but  he quit limping, and gets now around like he did in his prime! 

My dogs love their food enough that I can use it for training. Before this food Blaze would ONLY work for a particular brand of treat or her ball. Now I can get her to do new things with either the LA food or the LA treats (she LOVES the Turkey and Berry grain free treats!). I also really love doing these leave it challenges with them and getting photos 

After switching all of my dogs to LA, I began noticing coats were changing when grooming. One of my girls was FINALLY beginning to grow coat! Enough that I could show her. A championship earned in a month.

I used to struggle a lot with my Aussies coat... we did raw and did many other trials with kibbles and still had issues. My boy has now been on Life’s Abundance food for 1.5 years and look at his coat now! Yesterday we were at a dog show and and won our class all 3 shows! 

This is my 13-year-old pet Chinese Crested Dallas. I switched Dallas to Life’s Abundance All Life Stages and subsequently added the Wellness supplement. The picture of her in pink is before changing her diet. The picture in blue is of Dallas today. Her eyes are clear, coat is beautiful and she is maintaining a healthy weight. Her energy level is awesome and you would never guess she is 13!

I started my dogs on Life's Abundance 10 years ago and never looked back. At that time I had a Lhasa Apso who's ears and tail would get so matted we had to use a mat splitter on her every time we groomed her. (every 4 weeks) once she got on LA as well as the shampoo she NEVER had a mat on her coat for the rest of her life. and her coat shined like gold.

My Labrador who is 10 now has been on LA since she was a few months old has a beautiful coat and is playful and spry. Walks 3 miles every day without any problems. My little 4 years old Labee was a mess when we adopted her with demadex mange, but with proper nutrition and advise from Dr. Jane she is a beautiful black shiny puppy. and oh so happy too. They LOVE all the products and I won't allow any other pet products for my girls! Feeling so blessed to have found Life's Abundance!!!

I would like to tell everyone after 3 different vets and 3 different ear treatments for my dog I tried everything I could at home and the vets I started life's abundance and his ear problem is completely clear no meds no home remedies nothing amazing food I am grateful for such a good product for my babies

I am truly impressed with the LA products. I am a labradoodle breeder. My assistant and myself bathed and groomed all the dogs this afternoon and we were so incredibly impressed by the SHAMPOO! I can honestly admit that shampoo is not a product that has ever impressed me in anyway. I am finding this to be the case with everything in my sample boxes

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