Pets are an important part of our lives and like people, would appreciate good healthy food, and some of the nicer things.

Many times, people forget that our furry friends would also like to have something special - whether it would be better food, supplements, bedding, warmer clothing, or nicer leashes and collars. Fit Pets and People strives to provide the ideal selection of pet approved products - both for the pets , and for the pet owners. Browse our site to see what we offer, and think about what your animal companion would like you to bring home!
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This Month's Special - Embroidery at Half Cost!

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3/4" Dog Collar
1" Dog Collar

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What is your formula to good health??
Mission and Vision
To “evolv” requires the right FORMULA at the right time. Our products and programs create the ideal environment for change to happen, inside and out.
The only missing ingredient is you.
Our mission is simple:
Help Other People Evolv
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Flint River Ranch
All Natural Ingredients – Nutritionally Dense and Balanced – Naturally Preserved
Flint River Ranch is dedicated to the holistic well being of your beloved family companions. Our top-of-the-line dog and cat foods are carefully formulated keeping your pets’ health and happiness in mind. Each unique formula provides the perfect combination of human-grade meats, wholesome grains, garden fresh vegetables and herbs plus a superior blend of vitamins and minerals.

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